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I am ready to help you with your recording project, whether you need me to record, mix/master, compose, arrange, or perform session work!

I am very much a perfectionist looking to create the my best work yet! 

I'm fully equipped to record live drums with up to 16 tracks available for simultaneous recording, a combination of Audix and Shure mics, plus an acoustically treated space.

Guitarists and bassists may use my rigs or their own

Pristine vocals are captured with the Blue Bluebird. Mixing/mastering is performed with the latest plugins from Izotope, Waves, Slate, XLN Audio, Toontrack, etc. I'm very proud of my new Warm Audio WA-76 analog FET compressor!

I'd love to talk about your project! 

Email me at:

"Beyond the Dark Sun" Cover (2022)
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Austin Zettner
Video by Dark Wolf Media
InDisguise - Walk By Faith (2022)
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Austin Zettner
Not AfraidInDisguise
00:00 / 04:22
Walk By FaithInDisguise
00:00 / 04:29
00:00 / 05:04
00:00 / 03:53
The Grave Babes - Pin Up Killer (2021)
Recorded and Mastered by Austin Zettner
Mixed by Brant Sankey
Pin-Up KillerThe Grave Babes
00:00 / 02:30
Corpse QueenThe Grave Babes
00:00 / 02:54
The Virgin Shelly WebsterThe Grave Babes
00:00 / 02:25
Hallow HeartThe Grave Babes
00:00 / 02:55
RIPBThe Grave Babes
00:00 / 04:34
The Grave Babes / Is Zelda Dead YetThe Grave Babes
00:00 / 05:16
Where Is My Soul?The Grave Babes
00:00 / 03:49
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